Bloodborne (FromSoftware, 2015)


After cornering the market on unforgiving video game epics with the Souls series, FromSoftware turned its attention to the strange and terrifying, crafting “Bloodborne”: an ethereal nightmare no more forgiving than “Dark Souls” before it.  Find With a Terrible Fate’s analyses of the newest innovation in video game horror here.

  1. “Bloodborne,” Lovecraft, and the Dangerous Idea.
  2. The Philosophical Justification for FromSoftware’s DLC.

4 thoughts on “Bloodborne (FromSoftware, 2015)

  1. This is simply amazing. I love Lovecraftian horror, and I find it quite true that video games offer a new view on how things can be expressed. However something will always be special about reading Lovecraft in that your mind creates the monster, and it isn’t shown on screen. Thanks again for a beautiful piece.


    1. You raise a great point about Lovecraft’s original works — there are certainly effects available to the written word that are unavailable to video games, just as much as I have argued there are effects available to video games that are unavailable to other media. Thank you for taking the time to read my work and join the conversation.


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