Meta-Commentary and Theory

With a Terrible Fate

From time to time, I will write or speak more generally on gaming, or on this site as an enterprise.  Such updates are catalogued here.

  1. “Do you understand your destiny?”  A speech on the path to video game analysis.
  2. The future of “With a Terrible Fate.”
  3. “Play it again, Sam”:  On the value of replays.
  4. Why academia can’t afford to ignore video games: a philosophical analysis of possibility in gaming.
  5. “Listen to My Story”: The Problem of Storytelling in Virtual Reality.
  6. Celebrating a year of “With a Terrible Fate.”
  7. Is the existence of amiibo philosophically justifiable?
  8. “What Is It Like to Be a Gamer?” A speech on the value of video games.
  9. Coming Soon: What to Expect in April.
  10. The Philosophical Justification for FromSoftware’s DLC.
  11. A New Theory of Video Games

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