Dishonored (Bethesda, 2012)

Dishonored Title Art

Determine the history of the kingdom of Dunwall in a revenge story where the world itself depends on the choices you make.  My analysis of “Dishonored” can be perused here.

  1. Reversing Time:  Throwback Analysis of “Dishonored,” Part I.
  2. The Bard and Bethesda:  Throwback Analysis of “Dishonored,” Part II.
  3. When are Dunwall and Scotland like your School?  Throwback Analysis of “Dishonored,” Part III.
  4. Only through Corvo’s Eyes:  Why video games can only be told through one perspective.
  5. The Many Worlds of Games:  “Dishonored,” “Europa Universalis,” “The Stanley Parable,” and Quantum Physics.

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